Silence – Does It Work In Negotiation?

Many times the right word is no word. On occasion we need to remain silent and let the other person talk. We have heard in sales and negotiation that the first one to talk after the close loses. We hear that when the final decision is ready to be made, make your proposal and shut up. The silence can be nerve-wracking, but it’s a critical time to let the prospect make the decision without you droning on and on about the product or service.

How often have you noticed a sales rep overselling their product? You were ready to make a decision by handing over your credit card. The sales rep felt you needed to know everything about the product and he started to vomit the rest of the features. This caused doubt to creep into your mind and you ended up leaving or telling the salesman you would think about it. When someone has been persuaded and influenced, there is no reason to say any more. Strike when the iron is hot!

More communication is not necessarily better influence . In fact, the less you talk, the smarter people think you are. The more you vomit, the more common and less in control you appear. Many persuaders try to impress people with what they know by flaunting all their wisdom, but usually this strategy is just a turn-off.

Kurt W. Mortensen

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